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Epic Fic is Epic

Title: Covalence
Author: Bimosexual
Pairing: John/Cam
Rating: Mostly R -NC-17
Word count: 43,840 (over 10 chapters + Epilogue)
Summary: “As far as I can tell the device was used for…” Daniel smirks slightly, John’s definitely more than a little apprehensive about what the Doctor discovered, “couples counseling.” When and Ancient device bonds John and Cam together physically, it’s their emotional well-being put on the line
Notes: First time, bit of angst; this takes place in a sort of AU where John never joined the Atlantis Expedition but became a member of SG-1 instead; timeline was this takes place sometime after the defeat of the Ori

Cover Art:

Chapter 1: Disequilibrium 

Chapter 2: Chromophobia 

Chapter 3: Nostalgia 

Chapter 4: Repulsion 

Chapter 5: Contrition 

Chapter 6: Zenith 

Chapter 7: Inertia 

Chapter 8: Entropy 

Chapter 9: Deliberation 

Chapter 10: Synthesis