bimosexual (bimosexual) wrote,

Fic - The Hunt (John/Cam)

Title: The Hunt
Pairing: John/Cam
Fandom: SGA/SG1
Rating: PG-13
Summary: prequel to Cam's Guide to Sweet Seduction  Cam moves in for the kill
Word count:  398

Cam could never understand it, the way John could toss back the beer and the whiskey, the alcohol turning his limbs lax and giving his face a faint flush, but these simple tells of his inebriation were the limit.

It irritated Cam a little bit, because he could feel how heavy his own tongue was, and the numbness creeping into his face. He was slightly…he hated the word tipsy, made it sound like he was a college co-ed at her first frat party…off balance; his feet not quite going where his brain wanted, his brain not quite sure how to get there.

“Hey,” Cam drawls, leaning over the bar and turning his head to the petite brunette ordering another Cosmo.

“Hi,” she says, turning and smiling politely up at him. Her teeth are really white, Cam thinks.

“You—“ Cam starts and then he turns and sees John staring at him in the mirror behind the bar. He’s leaning against the back of their booth, cradling his beer in his hand and smiling at him, a teasing smirk. He can feel Sheppard’s voice in his ear, snarking, as he turns back towards the brunette.

She’s staring at him with a coy smirk, like she’s waiting for him to ask her to dance, or to drop some line about space pants, and he laughs a little to himself before he sighs.

“Forget it,” he says, “enjoy your evening ma’am,” he says, tipping a pretend hat to her. Her face falls a little as he turns away and stalks back over to their booth.

John is laughing at him now as Cam slides in ungracefully, bumping his knee on the edge of the table.

“Smooth Mitchell,” he grins as Cam slides closer.

“Hey Shep,” Cam says, voice low, ducking his head towards Sheppard. In the lowlight he presses his lips to the shell of John’s ear, half by accident, half intentional.

“You been perfecting those winning pick up lines?” John asks, smile in his voice, slightly out of breath.

“Yeah,” Cam grins, licking over his lips, his tongue flicking out over John’s ear. “Wanna fuck?”

John’s breath catches in throat and Cam grins, a little proud of himself, before he realizes John is laughing at him.

Cam pulls back, a little put out, and pouts. John laughs, darting forward and capturing Cam’s lips against his own.
“Your place or mine?”

Tags: crossover, fic, john/cam, pg-13, sg1, sga

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